I've been writing and drawing comics for almost 20 years. Recently, I started working on my first webcomic project, Checkmate: an online comic published one page at a time, every Monday.

Checkmate is set in the universe of Twin Peaks, the famous 1990s TV series created by David Lynch. Set four years prior to the series' events, it serves as an unofficial prequel, exploring the backstory of Twin Peaks' main character Dale Cooper.

Synopsis: Pittsburgh, 1985. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and his partner Windom Earle are assigned to protect Earle's wife, Caroline, after an attack was made on her life under mysterious circumstances. As all three of them move to a safe house for Caroline's protection, little do they know that things are about to get much, much worse.

Read Checkmate on the official website: Checkmate - A Twin Peaks webcomic.

Here are some select pages of the comic:

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