A selection of 2D, 3D, stop-motion and live-action short films made between 2009 and 2014.

Gemüsliche Weihnachten, 2014
Christmas animation for the bike-shop Radhaus, in Darmstadt (Germany).
Software : Photoshop CS5, After Effects & Premiere Pro CC


Double Feature, 2012
Teaser/trailer concept for a movie-themed program on Arte.
Software : Photoshop & After Effects CS5 


Feedbreak, 2012
 Motion design ad for the website
Software : Photoshop & After Effects CS5


Apte, 2011
Short film directed by Lili Canal, Élise Notseck and Cécile Ravidat.
Shot with a Reflex Canon EOS 550D • Edited in Premiere Pro CS3.


Obstrad, 2011
Motion design ad for the bike-shop Radhaus, in Darmstadt (Germany).
Software : Photoshop & After Effects CS5 


Happy Blorgsday, 2010
 3D animated short film made in 3 weeks for the contest "Les Espoirs de l'Animation" ogranised by French TV channel Canal J.
[Theme : An unusual birthday]
Software : 3DS Max 2010, ZBrush, After Effects, Premiere Pro & Photoshop CS3


Eine Tödliche Liebe, 2010
Short film made with pictures taken from a cheesy photo romance novel.
Software : Photoshop & Premiere Pro CS3 


Gedzilla, 2009
3D animated jingle for the visual identity of the École Estienne (Paris).
Software : 3DS Max 2009, After Effects, Photoshop & Premiere Pro CS3


Sono Solo, 2009
2D animation based on a soundtrack made entirely with bathroom objects and accessories.
Software : TV Paint Pro & ProTools


Psychedelic Glasses, 2009
Stop-motion animation featuring a pair of glasses and their impact on our personality.
Software : Canon EOS 5D, Photoshop & Premiere Pro CS3


Au Bout de la Laisse, 2009
 2D animation about an old lady and her dog.
 Software : Photoshop & After Effects CS3


Happening Burlesque, 2009
Animation based on the theme "Under the table"
Software : Canon EOS 5D & Première Pro CS3

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